Baltic Music — is a developed booking system which allows you to invite worldwide famous musicians to perform concerts and shows.

Baltic Music — presents music acts, also it works with young performers of various music styles and produces selected music projects.

Baltic Music — brings together musicians of the Baltic States to create concerts, festivals and World Music fusion.

Baltic Music — provides quality sound, light and various special effects equipment for touring musicians. Also BalticMusic provides media cover on the projects.

Baltic music is a partner of the international music competition "New wave".

We have worked with such famous Latvian musicians as:
Deniss Pashkevich, Intars Busulis, Janis Stibelis, Marija Naumova, Iolanta Gulbe, Amber, Gustavo, Alexandr Murenko, Sofija Rubina. And international stars like: Brian Melvin, Eric Moore,Stanley Jordan, MEZZOFORTE, INCOGNITO Karl Frierson(DEPHAZZ), Michael Canitrot. And many others.

Welcome to the world of music and exciting projects!